Welcome to the personalized services of TEI Crete Welcome to the personalized services of TEI Crete

The pages of MY.TEICRETE.GR are offered to the community of the TEI Crete in order to provide centralized access to the institutional services. Access to the pages is allows with respect to the type of users that determines the community in they are classified. Users can thus be a members the student, faculty, or administrative staff comunity. 

The services in MY.TEICRETE.GR are currently hosted by the Network Operations Center of TEI and federal or friendly bodies. Some the servies hosted at TEI of Crete are:
  • eClass: asynchronous elearning service
  • email: web interface for the popular communication service
  • Blogs: each user can create a blog within the domain of TEI
  • Discussion forums: allows the interchange of views via the internet
  • Account Management: view and change the characteristics of user accounts
  • Student registration:  students access the online service in order to register for each semester
  • Bookmarks: categorized sets of links and notes of interest for each community
  • Directory services of the Academic Library: access to content by the institutional library 
Services from federal or friendly bodies are the following:
  • PASO: online service for obtaining academic identities
  • PITHOS: Internet cloud service for the Greek academic community
  • Eudoxus: selection of academic writings and books for students
  • MSDNAA: sharing service for software by Microsoft released under academic license
  • ATLAS: for searching and applying for of internships and thesis
  • Digital certificates: for the recovery and use of secure certificates
  • Scopus: access to the known academic references database via the administrative domain of TEI Crete
  • Forrester research and Science direct: access to content by the known publishers
  • News: used may be updated by streams. The service take into account the type of users, their department and the school in which they belong
  • Help: for support for the platform

Other services offered include:

  • Services by the Association of Hellenic Acaemic Libraries: access to content exposed by the club of academic libraries in Greece
For the community of teachers the following services are also offered:
  • eMail domains: Web interface for accessing the mail domains offered in the institution
  • Mobility: staff mobility management 
  • Curriculum vitaes: for the management fo CV information by teachers. CV information is publishable in the web site of the institution and also searchable by the community of students

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